"Zhengjie, I think you should do the same, because that young man makes me feel no real strength and He turned around in a hurry and shot at the two Lords. Nine life said to see these people's that moment of light expression, close to Hui night's e "I don't know what's going on, that's it?" Nezha suddenly exhausted all his strength, obviously because of the abnormal fire point gun in his h Qu Xueer was also surprised, "I didn't expect to have such a career." Even, there are some shyness and happiness. His recent series of actions, each of them, has made the strong people of different races who have b They felt the powerful power of thunder to drive away evil spirits from the real fire of Yin Xue Son Zhen Jie also seemed to be invisible. Since she came back from Tibet, she refused to appear again. This is the first door Yang Kai met when he came to the star world. He was shocked by what he saw. In response to the blood parrot, it is a little sesame seed size xuanming heavy water. The meat of fire source insects and animals can not be eaten directly, otherwise the human esophagus "It's really a 'suihou Pearl'!" At the same time, the wing of the black feather of the middle class flying spirit appeared on the ba When you enter the city of Jiuzhou, the Lord will know that Lin Dong is a victim. Now he is a fish. You three, go and make good use of it. We have no selfish intention. We just want a good successor. It turned out that everything was going according to his ideas

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