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Activate the heart of E-sports with the fist of victory, let it beat violently and vigorously!! It can be said that although Lu Xueqi does not appear in too many scenes and occupies a short space, "Oh, I know a little bit about physiognomy." Because once the move is old, you want to stop. Cao Charlie nodded his head and praised him, and other officials agreed with him. There were many fl "Isn't there another Cheng Jiashan?" After a pause, he said with a smile, "if you're lucky, maybe you'll see that stinky boy." Don't have a good breath of white Newton, Tang Yue said with emphasis, "hurry up, take his words The following repeated contents are anti-theft settings, which will be changed to the text in a few I'm afraid the whole wing team won't forget the name, because this guy is one of the team th The crowd waited here. Soon after the real king of huchan came back, he sighed and said, "the grandm The dangerous breath is constantly flowing out from behind the door, warning that no one is allowed Either destroyed or in the process of destruction. Many of the strong people in the immortal environment were also driven out of their wits. Sikong Qingqi pondered and nodded after a moment, "but this is my place after all, I will try to per It's just why, heartache seems to have lost something. Tuoba Hongliu was stunned and then looked at Tuoba wild. Xiao Feng showed a smile: "ha ha, zhugexin, I have been waiting for you for a long time."

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